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Great people and such a peaceful place!
I owe a lot to the team at Drug Rehab San Francisco - I am very grateful for the care, understanding and right level of attention I have received - whilst focusing on the reasons I was there has enabled me to take those next steps forward that six months ago I couldn't see were possible. I really feel Drug Rehab San Francisco has equipped me with the tools to move on. Great people and such a peaceful place. Thank you!
, San Francisco Dec 13, 2011

Awesome Recovery Program!
We are so thrilled to have our daughter back with our family and well again! All of the work that the Drug Rehab San Francisco staff put into her recovery was the best of the best. I would recommend San Francisco intervention and treatment program to anyone who needs help.
, San Francisco May 8, 2012

Very Supportive Counsilors!
I have a problem with alcohol and I know it. I feel like it might get out of hand and I try my best to control it but sometimes when things get down I use it as a security blanket. My mom drank when she got depressed too and never saw anybody for it and I swore to myself that I would never be like her. I called Drug Rehab San Francisco to get help. Surprisingly, when I called, they just talked to me on the phone. The operator understood where I was coming from and helped me find other alternatives to drinking when I am down. Instead of going to alcohol rehab myself, I convinced my mother to go in. She is still there. I talk to her everyday. She sounds so energetic and happy now. It really warms my heart to know that my mom will be okay. Thank you to all the staff at Drug Rehab San Francisco for being there for myself and my mother.
, San Francisco Feb 18, 2012

Very Friendly Staff and Clients!
This is my first time ever going to a facility, I had no idea what to expect i was very worried and nervous about coming to Drug Rehab San Francisco but I am so grateful my family sent me here. The staff and other clients made me feel so welcome and I met some of the greatest people here and I'll never forget them.
, San Francisco Oct 24, 2011

Affordable Rehab Center!
Affordable rehab centers are not easy to find, and when you have a family member that is in serious need of help makes things hard. Drug Rehab San Francisco was one that my friend told me to look into, and so far I've been nothing but pleased with them. They are friendly, affordable, and I seriously think my family member will come out clean!
, San Francisco Aug 9, 2011

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